Welcome to the City of Greenville Business License, Hospitality and Accommodation's Tax Center

The City of Greenville Tax Center provides business owners access to: Submit for a new business license, view, or renew their annual license, pay outstanding balances to include monthly hospitality and accommodation tax payments. However, the tax center does not except business license renewal payments for Resident & Non-resident contractors along with various other businesses. For a complete listing select here NAICS codes that cannot renew online (PDF).

Outstanding fees or balances due: Any business with an outstanding balance due, will be unable to renew their City of Greenville business license until the balance is fully satisfied. To pay these outstanding fees simply select Renew License or Pay Fees (left side menu bar). Input the License and PIN number to proceed. A Pay Outstanding Balance will appear. Click the link to continue paying the outstanding balance.

Access retrieval information: The information necessary to renew your license using our online payment portal can be located on your most recently issued business license. If you are still unable to locate the required information, please use the link below. This will direct you to an e-form that once completed, will assist us in retrieving the requested information. Request for License Information (e-form)
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Service Fee
Effective December 2nd, 2021, there will be a 2.65% service fee on all debit and credit card transactions. The processing fee is assessed by a third party and is not collected by the City of Greenville.