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Due to South Carolina State Law changes (Act 176 SC Business License Standardization Act) the following items will impact when your business license renewal is submitted. Business License Letter Regarding Act 176
  1. All SC business licenses now expire April 30 of each calendar year.
  2. The business will still report your gross income based on the 2021 calendar year (January ? December).
  3. The 2022 business license renewal applications will be mailed out in late January.
  4. The City of Greenville will not be accepting 2022 business license renewals until February 1st.
  5. Resident businesses that pay before the last day of March will still be eligible for a 2% early discount.

The City of Greenville Tax Center provides business owners access to view their business license information and renew their annual license. Additionally, monthly hospitality and accommodations tax payments are accepted. However, the tax center does not except business license renewal payments for Non-resident contractors and various other businesses. For businesses that cannot renew online, please refer to this list, business type classifications that cannot renew online. To begin, select an action from the menu at left.

Outstanding balances due: If a business has any outstanding balances due, they will not be able to renew their City of Greenville business license until the balance is fully satisfied. If desired, you can utilize this portal to pay for the outstanding fees. Select Renew License input the License number and PIN to proceed. A Pay Outstanding Balance will appear. Click on the link to continue paying the outstanding balance

In order to renew your City of Greenville business license, the following two steps MUST be completed:
Step 1
COMPLETE THE REQUIRED BUSINESS LICENSE E-FORM DOCUMENT USING THE LINK BELOW: Once submitted, proceed to Step 2 of the renewal process.
Revenue Application e-form
Note: If, on the e-Form, you were required to submit supporting documentation due to a special circumstance (example: ownership change, Federal ID change, ordinance deductions, etc.) an email will be sent to you once the e-form has been reviewed by City Staff. Once you have received an email, you may proceed to Step 2 in the online renewal process.
Step 2
RENEW BUSINESS LICENSE: Upon completion and submission of the E-Form, return to the online payment portal, select ?Renew License? to the left of the page and complete all prompts. Your business license will not become active and will not be mailed to you until all fees have been paid and the required e-form has been submitted.

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If you are unable to locate the information necessary to renew your license using our online payment system, please use the link below. This link will direct you to an e-form, that once completed, will assist us in retrieving the requested information.

Request for License Information
Service Fee
Effective December 2nd, 2021, there will be a 2.65% service fee on all debit and credit card transactions. The processing fee is assessed by a third party and is not collected by the City of Greenville.